The most recommended wireless ip camera in 2017- By M Tech

I have been looking for ip cameras to act as a security / surveillance system for my home. I have been attaching these ip cameras to the underside of the roof’s overhang. I found that by placing it on the overhang provides enough weather protection and keeps them out of reach from burglars, unless they take the time to bring out a ladder. I have been getting ip cameras that looks exactly like this one and have found them to be my 3rd favorite style of camera because of its app eye4 but unfortunately it seems like this one doesn’t run on eye4. But instead it uses a app called CamHi, looks and functions like a clone of eye4. If your planing to get this camera since it looks the same and is cheaper, but wish to use one app to see all your cameras. I would suggest buying from the same vender.

The camera has a very nice field of view and was able to smoothly move around. In the CamHi app you are able to set points where you can tell it to move to a certain position. If you have the camera sitting on a table it won’t be able to see too far down. The camera setup was easy with flowing the app directions (video shows how to set up). The image quality of these are nice in both day and night. Also the image settings such as contrast could be changed in the app. The camera uses infrared led to illuminate dark areas, but it does flood the camera if you have it facing out a glass window. The built in speaker and microphone were nice and easy to talk and hear and were great for getting people’s attention.

Now for the more important part, the recording and connectivity. The camera was able to use a 32GB micro sd card to local store photos and videos. The motion detection was quite good but on the lowest sensitivity still would occasionally record lights from cars shining on the house windows. The recordings were easy to access and were easy to see. The camera could be accessed by the CamHi app and also by the ip through the browser. This is a very easy camera to use that works away from the local wifi. And is able to record the house when you are away. Just make sure that this camera is the right one your looking for. Since the eye4 ones seem to use a round power port vs this one that uses a micro usb port for power.

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