Frequently Asked Questions

A: you can use anywhere, even in other countries. just need to keep your phone connected to the Internet.
A: No problem. each camera is assigned its own IP address as you set it up on your home wifi. Then on your computer/tablet/phone your app to monitor the cameras will simply have multiple cameras (and their IP addresses) configured.
A: Yes, its work in mobile internet and wifi. This is what it makes convenient.
A: Frist of all, please make sure your wifi signal is 2.4G. and the wifi mane can’t have any specific symbol,some like @ # – blank etc. If your router setting MAC,please closed it.
Then, Follow below setp to connect wifi,
1, resetting the camera.
2, when you hear voice from the camere, please open the app, do not put in the usermane,password and UID frist, if you already put in, please delete it.
3, click add camera >> wireless installation >> put in your wifi name and password >> Apply >> waiting for few munites untill matching success, then you will see the camera ID showing up.
4, Click the camera ID and back to camera setting >> put in user name: adimn and password: admin.
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